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Grammy Awards Winner – Elvis Won 3 Grammy Awards in His Lifetime Best Sacred Performance 1967 Best Inspirational Performance 1972  Best Inspirational Song 1974

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1993 Elvis posthumously won Best Rock Song Hound Dog and Don’t Be Cruel

 How Great Thou Art Grammy Award

Best Sacred Performance 1967
How Great Thou Art album

 Best Inspirational Performance Song 1974
Best Inspirational Performance Song 1974

 Best Inspirational Performance 1972 He Touched Me album
Best Inspirational Performance 1972
He Touched Me album

Elvis had 149 songs appear on Billboard’s 100 Chart in USA. 114 were in the top forty, 40 were in the top ten and 18 went to number one. Elvis number one singles spent a total of 80 weeks at number one. He has also had 90 charted albums with ten reaching number one. These figures are only for the pop charts in USA only. Elvis Presley was also a leading artist in the USA country, R&B, and gospel charts

Elvis’ music will always remain his most beloved legacy Appreciated by the 50’s baby-boomer generation The 60’s flower power generation. The 70’s disco generation. The 80’s “greed is good” generation. And all the rest to come Elvis Presley is the best-selling solo artist in U.S. history Elvis charted more songs on Billboard’s Hot 100 than any other artist. Elvis spent more weeks at the top of the charts than any other artist. Elvis had the greatest number of consecutive #1 hits. (10) Elvis is second only to the Beatles in total of #1 hits. (18) It took Eric Clapton 20 years to win 6 Grammy Awards. It seemed to be no different for Elvis.

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