Vernon Presley Dolan Drive Home in Memphis

Dolan Drive The home that Elvis’s father VERNON PRESLEY
Honky Tonk Hall of Fame that recently auctioned off Elvis’ first home in Audubon Drive  Vernon Presley home backs unto the Graceland mansion

Vernon Presley Home in Memphis
Vernon’s Dolan Drive Home

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Dolan Drive, Vernon Presley Home with SunroomsDolan Drive Sunroom Dolan Drive, Vernon Presley Home with Backyard PoolsView of Graceland from the back of Dolan Drive
Dolan DriveDuring Elvis Week 2002 I had the pleasure of staying at Vernon Presley residence in Dolan Drive where Elvis’ father once lived in with his wife Dee. It was a wedding gift from Elvis in 1962 built at a cost of $25,000 situated behind the barn at the north end of the Graceland property The Dolan House was original part of Graceland property. Elvis had the Tudor style house built so a back entrance could connect the two properties. Before Elvis died, it was possible to roll the fence to one side allowing Vernon or Elvis to drive between the two houses.

At the top of the stairs there is a wall phone that was once connected directly to the Graceland.  Elvis and his dad would only have to pick up the phone to be in touch with each other instantly. The bedroom at the end of the hallway had the most interesting history. One wall which is completely of mirrored had one  broken tile. It seems Elvis was practicing his karate moves one day and accidentally kicked the wall and broke the tile that was never replaced.

It has been said that Vernon built the house the way he wanted it, then Dee remodeled it to her liking. Some of the changes she made included, enclosing the back patio, turning the garage into living space, constructing a separate car port, and knocking out walls to enlarge the size of the kitchen and dining room. The Jacuzzi (see picture above) in the master bedroom was also Dee’s idea.

The first bedroom at the top of the stairs is where Priscilla called home when she first moved to Memphis to be close to Elvis. Other than new paint and carpeting, the house is exactly the way Vernon left it when Elvis passed away. Later Vernon moved into Graceland , and sold the house to the couple that owned the Hickory Log restaurant across from Graceland. Dee was awarded the Dolan House when she divorced Vernon. Some time later, Vernon bought it back from her and lived in it with his fiancee, Sandy Miller. To the left of the fireplace are steps leading to the upstairs bedrooms that were once occupied by the Stanley brothers.

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