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Elvis in his Coffin - The story behind the Elvis Coffin pictureStory Behind the National Enquirer Front Cover 1977 For the two of the three ex-Memphis Mafia gang, Sonny West, Dave Hebler & Red West (was shooting a movie on location) held a press conference and went on record to say they initially wrote the book in revenge for being sacked after 20 years of loyal service, by a simple phone call from Vernon. This avenging tactic was enough evidence to have Vernon Presley insisting on an extensive autopsy  Story Behind the Photo

Elvis Autopsy ReportElvis Presley’s autopsy commissioned after his death involved draining all body fluids, removal of all vital organs, and sent to a pathology lab for testing to ascertain the cause of death. The coroner, Dr Jerry Francisco, who with Dr Eric Muirhead and Dr Noel Florredo attended the autopsy on Presley… they initially concealed the facts by attributing the cause of death to a massive heart attack. Their motive, they have since admitted, “was not to tarnish the image by a scandal of a drug habit.” In recourse to the now abundant rumours, Francisco states, “If Elvis is NOT dead, he’s walking around without his major organs as Elvis’ brain and heart are still in storage at Memphis Memorial Hospital

Back to Giorgio’s ‘weight mystery’ – one does need to be a math genius to figure-out, if you remove most of a persons guts they will end-up a lot thinner! Yet, contrary to all the facts, Giorgio relentlessly tries to provide even more clues to Elvis’ mysterious death – by questioning the secret cover-up of the autopsy report. The fact is,Vernon upon receiving evidence that a mixture of addictive-drugs was indeed the cause of his beloved son’s death, panic and quickly paid off officials to keep the document a secret.

Dee Presley, who became Elvis’ stepmother by marrying Vernon in 1960 states that she sighted the autopsy papers and agreed with her husband to support the ‘over dose’ cover-up. Giorgio’s most outrageous revelation is not the written word – but voice of Elvis (on tape) reiterating and confirming all her claims! To this day, Giorgio adamantly states the interview took place well after Elvis’ death but has refused any further details! In part, the interview has Elvis explaining, his life of anonymity not being easy, because he has had to grow a beard to disguise himself.

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Elvis’ physician Dr Nick reveals the true cause of death in his book The King and Dr. Nick | Elvis Death Certificate

The question that immediately springs to mind – is why Elvis would seek-out Gail Brewer Giorgio (who he never met alive or dead) over-n-above his family and friends to disclose his hoaxed disappearance? Anyway, in 1985 David Darlock, an Elvis impersonator threw a spanner into the works on television. On the GERALDO talkback show, Darlock admitted he was paid $250 in April 1981 by the Elvis fan club, “Eternally Elvis” to simulate the voice of Elvis for an album. He also, produced the signed contract of this deal!

It’s easy to discredit all of Giorgio’s outrageous claims, and more-so, her book only proves she is indeed a scheming business woman reaping millions, by shrouding facts with fiction! Giorgio’s last quest to verify all her discrepancies is her bid as to, “why haven’t the executors of Elvis Presley Estate made a public statement to discredit any of these ‘still alive’ rumors?’ Common sense prevailing, this issue rests squarely on the business of making money! Jack Soden, CEO (directly under Priscilla Presley) in charge of marketing the Elvis image, dutifully confirmed this in August 1989, in a statement to the press. He said, “as for Giorgio’s book, why kill-off the golden goose, she pays the Presley Estate, thousands a year in royalties…”

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