Elvis Presley Collectables What is Elvis Memorabilia Worth?

Elvis Collectibles or Collectibles: How much are Elvis Records, Vinyl, Photos, Toys, Scarf, Memorabilia Worth? Elvis Presley and 50s Rock n Roll  collectibles are the most sought after items at auctions

Items produced during Elvis lifetime in the 1950’s and 1960’s have an established value. However, Elvis items produced after Elvis death in 1977 by EPE Inc has no such qualifications. At present are regarded simply as novelty items. That’s not to say, in 40 years they will become valuable collectible items


Elvis Presley’s Gold Piano  has join Hard Rock’s priceless collection of memorabilia pieces that including  clothing and instruments from legendary music stars like The Beatles, & Jimi Hendrix. The  grand piano was  originally purchased for his mother Gladys in 1955 and installed in his home on Audobon Street. The piano was placed into storage after his mother’s death, until Priscilla Presley decided to adorn the piano in 24-karat gold-leaf  as a gift for the couple’s first wedding anniversary.The piano can be seen at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel in Tampa.

Elvis2015StampThe Postal Service previously honored Presley on a stamp in 1993. The Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum calls that stamp the most popular U.S. commemorative stamp of all time. This 2015 issued stamp features a 1955 black-and-white photograph of Presley taken by William Speer. In the bottom left corner, between the words “Forever” and “USA,” is a small gold crown, a nod to  The King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.  Presley’s signature, in gold ink, also is featured along the right side of the stamp.

US Postal Service  announced a new stamp of Elvis Presley, two decades after the first version depicting “The King” caused a sensation. The Postal Service is returning to Elvis as part of its Music Icon Series launched in 2013, which has included stamps featuring Ray Charles, Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and other legends. The NEW Elvis Stamp was unveiled  on the 12  August 2015 at  Graceland

Elvis Postage Stamp 1993

The previous Elvis stamp in 1993 became one of the US Postal Service’s most talked about ever. In a successful bid to generate a buzz, the Postal Service asked the public in 1992 to vote between images of a dashing young Elvis and an older, chubbier one.

Where once Elvis Collectibles & Elvis Presley Memorabilia was limited to exclusive auction houses, today eBay plays a major role for the serious collector, hobbyist or the avid Elvis fan. Since the launch of eBay many fans have been duped by unscrupulous sellers.  Here is a detailed report on how to sell Elvis collectibles and what to look for when thinking of buying any collectible and memorabilia item. Most importantly – before you bid on any item ask the seller to verify his/her description statement. The history of how, where and when the seller acquired a particular item they have for sale will normally reveal the whether or not the item is authentic.
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The most significant posthumous Elvis collectible item has to be the USA stamp The history of Elvis collectibles & Elvis memorabilia began with Colonel Parker who sought to cash in on the lucrative demand. In 1956 alone Elvis had five number 1 singles, and so great was the popularity of his records that RCA was forced to use the manufacturing facilities of other record companies to meet the demand . When Col. Parker realised that fame could translate into a ‘celebrity bonanza’ he established Elvis Presley Enterprises Incorporated. What followed was an avalanche of Elvis merchandise that left teenagers mesmerized by the appearance of Elvis’ name and likeness on every imaginable item. Everything from garments, costumes jewelry, lunchbox, to board games. Elvis dolls were made available just for the growing legion of female fans. By 1957 Elvis merchandising grossed  25 million dollars. In 2000, Elvis’ popularity has remained undimmed and an ever-growing army of fans & collectors seek the potentially valuable icons of the past. Fifty years later nothing has changed. Elvis Watches are proof enough that Elvis collectibles still sell by the hundreds of thousands.

If you are looking to become a serious investor of Elvis collectibles, the novelty retro items, and vintage toys and clothing produced red in the mid 1950’s reap the best value for money and have the potential to greatly increase in value.
 Elvis collectibles are appraised by whether it was produced in his lifetime or posthumously. The value of any Elvis collectible is ascertained by how much a buyer is willing to pay. That’s where eBay comes into play. Elvis on eBay offers collectors a better chance (then auction houses)  because buyers have more opportunity to find or wait until the particular Elvis item they want comes up for auction eg: Elvis autographs. Distinguishing the real from the fake Elvis autograph is difficult. However I offer any buyer the option to e-mail me the history & copy of the signature and I’ll endeavor to offer my educated opinion of its authenticity. Most collectors start with items that appeal to them because of their association. And, remember most buyers particular items to add to their existing collection.
Demand for a particular Elvis collectible item has a direct reflection on the value. Fans who seek out a single item to complete a set will often pay more than a general collector will. Dealers will often wait until they have a complete set before going to auction. Elvis Trading Cards: The Paint by Numbers Set issued in 1957 original sold for $2.00. Today, this item (in good condition) would fetch $1,000. Elvis Novelty Items (Dolls, Teddy Bears, Lunchboxes, Scrapbooks, Record Cases etc)

45 Vinyl (Originals-Special Color Series)
33 1/3 Vinyl (Originals or Special Picture Discs)
Magazines (Cut-outs are always subject to author’s copyright)
Card Sets (Full Set vs Part Sets)
Movie Programs (Originals)
Movie Poster & Lobby Cards (Originals vs Copies vs Foreign Languages)
Concert Tickets & Programs (Original vs Cancelled Concerts)
Sheet Music (Original vs Inclusions in Music Books)
Items owned by Elvis (everything & anything) Proof will ascertain its value.
Photos (Snapshots vs Professional) (Never published before vs Mature Elvis)
Books (First Day ‘Hardcopy’ Covers) Still to be evaluated.

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