Elvis Eulogy Elvis Funeral Service by Jackie Kahane

Elvis’ Eulogy/Obituary was given by Jackie Kahane at Elvis’ Funeral

Jackie Kahane was the opening act for many of Elvis’ concerts & delivered the eulogy at Elvis’ funeral.   Jackie Kahane passed away on 6 March 2001 after a long illness.

Elvis Eulogy Elvis Funeral Jackie KahaneJackie the petite comedian was the opening act at Elvis’ Vegas concert performances. But his most important performance was his eulogy at Elvis’ funeral

Kahane who had previously worked with singer Wayne Newton was hired by Col Tom Parker because of his clever jokes. It was Kahane who delivered the now often voted line at the end of Elvis’ concert…  “Ladies and gentleman, Elvis had left the building.”

In 1977, Jackie Kahane delivered the eulogy at Elvis’ funeral. The pallbearers at Elvis’ funeral were: Jerry Schilling   Joe Esposito  George Klein  Lamar Fike  Billy Smith, Charlie Hodges   Dr. Nichopoulous and Gene Smith.

Rev Bradley added: “Elvis is an inspiration to all. He has provided the potential of what one human being who has strong desire and unfailing determination can accomplish. Elvis was a loving and caring father to his family and a decent human being. In a society that has talked so much about the generation gap, the closeness of Elvis and his family is heart-warming…. But Elvis was a frail human being and he would be the first to admit his weaknesses. Perhaps because of his rapid rise to fame and fortune he was thrown into temptations that some never experience. Elvis would not want anyone to think that he had no flaws or faults. But now that he’s gone, I find it more helpful to remember his good qualities, and I hope you do, too….”

Elvis & Me – My Tribute by  Daryl Martin

In 1983 the King reached out to me
As if he and I were meant to be
His words and lyric filled a void and filled me with gospel spirit and the word of the Lord
His presence forever felt and before him I knelt

In my dreams I prayed that he and I would one day meet
To see him on stage or to just pass him in the street
Not in this life time, nor forever more
His digital image and sound was all that I had to adore

In dreams he came to me while I slept
He stood before me so grand and reached out to me with his great hand,
Placed upon my head he said ” It’ll be alright son, it’ll be alright”!
It was as if he knew I needed him
And forever more I would worship him

With that he was gone just like a lyric in his song,
But I was forever touched by this man whose words
Gave me strength and the belief to go on

Perhaps one day when in heaven I may
See him at the piano just like in his day
Join him in gospel song
All I have ever dreamed of all along!

And now “as the end is near” I shed a tear when I hear
His final words forever recorded in time
Inside me his words his love his spirit will forever live on
And keep me strong

I miss you Elvis with all my heart
though fate and destiny kept us apart
you will forever live on in my heart!

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