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Elvis Presley Guitars – Elvis Presley Les Paul Gibson Guitar – Elvis Les Paul Guitars Gibson Guitars has become synonymous with rock n rock. The preferred musical instrument for a legend of rock icons Throughout the years, Elvis had a string of Gibson guitars he used on stage

Gibson Ebony Dove Guitar
Gibson Ebony Dove Guitar for Sale
MEMPHIS, Elvis Presley memorabilia auction will be part of a celebration for what would have been Elvis’ 81st birthday.The Auction at Graceland will take place 7 January 2016.
Among the 126 authenticated artifacts for sale is the guitar Presley played during the “Aloha from Hawaii” concert in 1973.The Gibson Ebony Dove guitar has an estimated value of $300,000 to $500,000    Special Guest June Juanico
Elvis Guitar for Sale

Scotty Moore’s 82-year-old fingers have no more music left in them. Arthritis has invaded the hands of the man “Rolling Stone” magazine rated 29th in its 2011 list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of all time, ahead of legends such as Mark Knopfler, Joe Walsh, Muddy Waters, Slash, Dickey Betts, Bonnie Raitt, Carl Perkins, Roger McGuinn and Paul Simon.

Moore was Elvis Presley’s original lead guitar player who laid down the licks on classic early hits such as “Hound Dog” and “Jailhouse Rock.” He was also Elvis’ close friend and worked as his manager for a short time. “It’s been about seven or eight years since I was able to play,” Moore says by phone from his secluded home outside Nashville. “I had stopped playing professionally several years before that, but I’d still play once in a while for my own enjoyment … just whatever song came to mind, really. “Sure, I miss it. But the arthritis came on gradually, so I knew the day would come that I had to deal with it.”

Les Paul Gibson Guitar
Les Paul, guitarist had Gibson Guitar brand named in his honor. The Les Paul Guitar is the most sought after guitar by most famous rock bands

EElvis Gibson Dove Guitarlvis Presley’s Gibson Doveguitar was played by ‘The King’ during a performance at the Las Vegas Hilton in December 1976. Elvis gave the instrument to his bodyguard Sam Thompson in January 1977. On the back of the guitar is some plastic residue where the belt on Elvis’s jumpsuit melted because of the heat of the stage lighting. Described as ‘one of the most significant guitars to ever reach the market’, the lot is expected to sell for up to £50,000. The two-day auction starts on October 8, in Calabasas Hills, near Los Angeles

Les Paul, guitarist who had Gibson Guitar named in his honor and who changed the course of music with the electric guitar and multi-track recording and had a string of hits, died August 13, 2009. He was 94. As an inventor, Paul helped bring about the rise of rock ‘n’ roll and multi-track recording, which enables artists to record different instruments at different times, sing harmony with themselves, and then carefully balance the “tracks” in the finished recording.

Elvis Les Paul Gibson GuitarLess than 10 years old at the time, the future King was a frequent visitor who had his eye on a .22 bolt-action rifle. “The older boys in the neighborhood liked to hunt, so it was natural that he’d want to do it, too,” said Bill Booth, George’s son and now the store’s owner. Forrest Bobo, an employee at the time, was married to a relation of Elvis’ mother, Booth says. Bobo let the boy work the bolt and play with the unloaded rifle when he would come into the store Bobo told him, ‘If you play that, you might be famous someday’ just to calm his disappointment. Well, we know what happened.”

At one point, he promised Elvis a present, knowing the Presleys were a family of “slight means,” Booth adds. The day his gift was to be given, Elvis came with his mother to show her what he wanted. “We would never have sold a rifle to a child, and his mother told him it was too dangerous anyway,” Booth recalls. “His whole world fell in. He just cried and cried, he was so disappointed.”

Elvis Presley First GuitarAs the child carried on, Bobo suggested a guitar. He told him, “Sit here and play with this guitar-you’ll like it,” Booth says. Elvis wanted the rifle, but his mother told him he couldn’t have it, and that was her final decision. So he cried some more. But finally he plunked on the guitar, because it was that or nothing. Bobo told him, “If you play that, you might be famous someday”-just to calm his disappointment.

“Well, we know what happened.” In the years between that fateful $7.75 sale and Presley’s first brush with fame, Booth heard from the youngster from time to time. Although Elvis spent much of the rest of his childhood living in Memphis , Booth says, he often came back to play in Tupelo as an adolescent and young adult. “He came into the store one day looking like he’d slept in his clothes for a week,” says Booth, who was also unimpressed with the young man’s longer, “greasy-looking” hair. “I walked over and waited on him. He bought a couple guitar picks and left, and I thought he was just some crummy looking guy who had come in.”

“I turned to an employee and said, ‘ Leon , did you see that guy?’ He said, ‘Oh, that’s Elvis Presley. That boy can really sing-I believe he’ll make the big time.’ About a year and a half later, he was on his way up. You couldn’t turn on the radio without hearing requests for Elvis songs.”

Elvis Guitar Owned by Rick Nelson
Elvis Guitar Owned by Rick Nelson

Elvis Guitar Owned by Anita Wood
Elvis Guitar Owned by Anita Wood

Thirty years after Elvis’ death, Booth still marvels at the impact of the local boy who made good. In fact, Booth feels that impact every day inside his store.

“It’s unbelievable,” he says. “People come in to see where he bought his first guitar. Every network & media organization in the world has been here and filmed the place.” An occasional challenge is doing business with the extra traffic attracted by the store’s place in history. The building was especially crowded this summer, during the week of the 20th anniversary of Presley’s death. Anywhere between 30 and 40 people were continually “milling in and out” of the store throughout that period, Booth says – The site of a sale that would help alter popular music, Tupelo Hardware is now one of most frequently visited sites for fans who come to town to trace Elvis Presley’s roots.

Even on a regular basis, tourists come from all over the country – and from around the world. “I don’t know of a single person in the U.S. in my lifetime who ever attracted so much attention,” Booth says. “We’ve never had delegations come on a tour bus just because Franklin Roosevelt gave a big speech here once – but we do because of Elvis.”

Elvis fans will be glad to know that they can now purchase a guitar from Tupelo Hardware where Elvis purchased his first guitar. They come in several sizes and colors with blue being the most popular.

Elvis smashes his Martin Acoustic Guitar in concert 1977

Elvis Smashed Guitar 1977

National Music Museum at the University of South Dakota in Vermillion, S.D will have on display a slightly smashed acoustic guitar played by Elvis Presley on his final tour in 1977 now greets visitors in front of the museum’s main galleries. The Martin D-35 guitar was tossed aside by Elvis during his St. Petersburg, Florida c oncert after suffering a broken strap and string, said Robert Johnson, a Memphis-based guitarist who donated the item. When the strap and at the same time Elvis broke a string… in frustration… Elvis tossed the guitar straight up in the air and it just come down and smashed.

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