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Jewelry worn by celebrities is now becoming the most sought after fashion statement. Audrey Hepburn made Tiffany jewelry famous  Copies of Bad Pitt’s wedding ring sold out Jennifer Lopez’s engagement ring with pink diamonds sold out
Elvis diamond ring sold for 50K on eBay

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A massive 14KT gold vintage ring featuring a beautiful huge crystal opal surrounded by approximately 1.25ct of VS diamonds. Purchased by Elvis at Thunderbird Jewelers in  Vegas early 1970’s and worn both on and off stage. With a color photograph of Elvis wearing the ring on his pinkie finger on stage at the Las Vegas Hilton in July of 1974, wearing a straw hat with a banner reading “Elvis for President.” With a letter of provenance from Elvis aide Richard Davis. Sold for US$9,000

 Elvis Chai Diamond PendantElvis Jewelry – Elvis TCB Necklace – One night while sitting in his bedroom of his personal jet, Lisa Marie Elvis tore open an envelope and thinking carefully penned what has become known as the TCB Oath. Thereafter, anyone who was presented with a TCB necklace was given a copy of the TCB Oath.
 Elvis wore one of the original TCB necklaces personally. He gave one to his Aunt Delta to keep for him. The original TCB’s were expensive and first class, explains Red West. “Elvis gave them to those of us who were around him, like myself, Joe Esposito. After awhile , as they became popular and Elvis began giving them out more and more of them, they got cheaper in material. When I gave my original one to Red Foxx , Elvis turned around and gave me another. I do believe Travis Tritt has my second TCB pendant now”

Elvis Presley TCB Diamond Ring Sam Thompson, Linda’s brother and former Elvis bodyguard recalls the night Elvis presented him with his TCB  Elvis designed jewelry. “I was downstairs at Graceland in November 1976 and Elvis sent Linda down asking me to come to Elvis’ bedroom, that he was very upset with me. I was worried as I climbed the stairs. “I was downstairs at Graceland in November 1976 and Elvis sent Linda down asking me to come to Elvis’ bedroom, that he was very upset with me. I was worried as I climbed the stairs.

“When I walked in their was Elvis, Linda, Billy and Jo Smith and Elvis broke into a smile. He took the TCB gold necklace/pendant out of a box and put it around my neck and then he read the TCB Oath and put his arms around me and hugged me.” In March 1977, Sam’s wife Louise was presented her TLC pendant. The Thompsons are among the few husband and wife teams who have both the TCB and TLC necklaces.

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The TCB Oath
More self respect, more respect for fellow
man, respect for fellow students & instructors
respect for all styles & techniques. Body
conditioning, mental conditioning, meditation
for calming & willing of the mind & body
Sharpen your skills increases mental
awareness for all those who might choose
a new outlook and personal philosophy
freedom from constipation

Elvis Presley wedding ring chain of ownership from Elvis, to his step-brother David Stanley and his wife Angie. Angie Stanley had Elvis’ wedding ring this ring until the 1980s, when she sold it to Jimmy Velvet, whereupon it was displayed at the Elvis Presley Museum for a number of years. It was then sold at auction (Butterfield and Butterfield)  June, 1994, to a private collector, in whose possession it has remained until consigned with Profiles in History for our upcoming auction.

Elvis Diamond and Platinum Wedding Ring Elvis Presley Diamond Wedding RingElvis worn his wedding at Vegas press interview

Elvis’ platinum wedding band is decorated by eight baguette-cut diamonds set within a border of sixteen full-cut diamonds, for a total weight of approximately 1.65 carats. The ring size is 8.  Those close to Elvis, said he wanted the ring made with a row of eight baguette down the center and two rows of eight round diamonds because… 8 was Elvis’ lucky number.

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