Pets Owned by Elvis and Priscilla Presley at Graceland

Elvis Pets  Pets Owned by Elvis  Elvis Pets in Movies Long before Paris Hilton became the world’s most famous pet owner & Tinkerbelle the most famous celebrity pet, over the years, Elvis had pets including dogs, horses and a chimp, Scamper Priscilla Presley joins Animal Rights Crusade

Priscilla Presley Animal Rights

ElvisPresleyKangaroo - Pets Owned by Elvis and Priscilla Presley at Graceland

In the 1980s Priscilla Presley hosted the reality television series about animals and their extraordinary lives, Those Amazing Animals. The show combined notable facts and entertainment and is considered a precursor to today’s popular Animal Planet and Discovery Channel. At present, Ms. Presley is involved with various horse rescue charities and animal-rights causes.

ElvisWithScatter - Pets Owned by Elvis and Priscilla Presley at GracelandElvis always loves animals, but he could never afford to have any as a child but made up for it when he became a star. Elvis also loved horses and enjoyed riding. He rode his first horse for his first 1956 movie Love Me Tender. It has been said that Elvis did ride horses as a child in Tupelo. Many Elvis pets appeared in his movies

The first horse kept at Graceland was a quarter-horse called Domino which Elvis bought for Priscilla. After that he bought a Palomino, Rising Sun for himself. When Rising Sun passed away in 1986, EPE did a national search and acquired a distant relative of Sun’s and named him Sun’s Reflection. He, along with Ebony’s Double a Tennessee Walking Horse purchased by Priscilla Presley 1975 continue to live at Graceland.

Palomino  Tennesee Walker Horse
Rising Sun Elvis’ famous pet Palomino                    Elvis riding Ebony’s Double 

All horses were stabled in a barn called the House of the Rising Sun named after the song by the Animals. Other horses at Graceland & the Circle G Ranch  were named: Colonel Midnight Vernon Presley’ horse: Lady, Golden Sun, Scout, Flaming Star (named after his movie) Sheba, Thundercloud, El Poco, Beauty named after the horse in the movie Giant. Traveler named after Robert E Lee’s horse. Bear a Tennessee Walker, Keno, Buckshot named after Wild Bill Hitchcock’s horse. Sundown, Star Trek, Big Red bought for Red West

Great Dane - BrutusElvis gave Priscilla two pet Great Danes in the 60’s, Snoopy & Brutus. Brutus appeared as Albert in the 1968 Elvis  movie, Live a Little, Love a Little. The dog passed away not long after Elvis & Priscilla divorced.  Snoopy later became Lisa Marie’s favourite pet dog

In the early 1960’s, Elvis bought a talking Myna bird which was placed in a large cage in the kitchen at Graceland. The bird liked to talk whenever someone was on the phone, and he memorized parts of people’s conversations and mimicked them over and over.

One day Elvis and a few of his friends were in the kitchen eating lunch. Elvis was halfway into his sandwich when the bird blurted out in his cackling voice, “Elvis isn’t here right now…Elvis is in a meeting…Elvis can’t come to the phone…Elvis is asleep…Sorry, Elvis is busy.”

Elvis Puppy SweetpeaWhen the bird stopped suddenly, Elvis broke up laughing. He nearly choked on his food, sputtering and gasping for air. Elvis laughed so hard he fell off the chair and lay on the floor, clutching his stomach.

He thought it was hysterical that the bird not only remembered the excuses given to fans and business people who phoned, but that he knew which ones to put together and ranted then in succession with such feeling. Elvis never forgot the incident and it became one of his favorite stories

Chow PuppyThroughout the years, Elvis, for brief periods of time had a personal hairdresser travel with him, Larry Geller and Sal Orifice would fill that role. When Elvis was in Los Angeles, Pat Parry Gerson, a long time friend and talented hair stylist, was called to do the job. Pat was often a guest at Graceland and a good friend to Elvis and the guys. Pat today is a hair stylist in Beverly Hills

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