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A watch takes a distinctively special place among celebrities accessories. One may say that a watch is the only standard of luxury consumption. Yachts & jets are hidden from the public eye. However, a wristwatch is something that everybody can see every day and Elvis was no exception to the rule. Part of his jewelry collection included many watches from the novelty handmade guitar watch to Omega to Longines to a gold Rolex

Elvis Gold Rolex Christmas present Rolex Watch given to Elvis Presley is to be auctioned. The diamond-set Rolex and was given to Elvis by his long time manager, Tom Parker, on the Christmas 1976  before Presley’s death. It is engraved, “ELVIS MERRY CHRISTMAS YOUR PAL COL. TOM PARKER”

The Rolex watch, being auctioned by Christie’s is a FAKE! EPN email from Loanne Parker confirms… the Rolex was never given to Elvis by the Colonel, nor did Elvis ever wear it. She also noted… The last thing Colonel would give Elvis was jewelry. Colonel was appalled at the amount of money Elvis spent on jewelry. Colonel never referred to himself as Elvis’ “pal”. That was not their relationship.  A gift would not be engraved “Col. Tom Parker”. He would have simply sign “Colonel”

Omega Black Dial Constellation Calendar watch is up for auction at Antiquorum Auctioneers June 12  New York was gifted to Elvis’ friend and musician Charlie Hodge  who handed Elvis scarves on stage  Hodge recalls “… several times I told Elvis how beautiful his watch was and he took it off his wrist and gave it to me.”

Elvis Omega Black Dial Watch
Elvis Omega Black Dial  Watch

Elvis Hamilton Ventura Watch
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 Elvis Hamilton Ventura Watch

In April, 1956 Elvis Presley played Las Vegas for the first time, the casino boss Frank Williams presented him with an $800 diamond-studded watch.  Elvis Presley was so thrilled that he bombarded Williams with letters of thanks. Elvis liked watches. Look at his wrist in any photograph and you’ll spot a carefully chosen model. In 1960 he took to wearing the distinctive style, Hamilton Ventura. While the offbeat arrowhead-shaped dial sat comfortably within the design aesthetic of the time in 1957 as the world’s first electrical, battery-powered watch, the Ventura was by then the coolest timepiece in America. It had been presented to Presley to wear in the film Blue Hawaii, and he took to wearing it off set too.

Handmade Guitar Watch

Square Dial Longines

Omega Gold Watch Gold Omega Watch
Gold Rolex Watch Corum Buckingham Watch

 Gold Omega Watch   (right) 1965 Corum Buckingham  Large dial size Gold Watch

Rolex Gold Midas and Jewelry Collection
Elvis Presley Rolex and Jewelry Collection at Graceland

Gold Rolex Midas - Elvis Presley
Gold Rolex Midas
Rolex Midas Watch
  Elvis dropped his Rolex in the swimming pool

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