Lisa Marie Birthday Lisa Marie Born 1 February 1968

Birthday: February 1, 1968 Star Sign Aquarius
Name: Lisa Marie Presley
(had she been a boy she would have been called John Baron)
Birthplace: Memphis, Tennessee, USA
Occupation: Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc  and Singer/Songwriter
Lisa Marie Birthday
1st February 2016 Lisa Marie will celebrate her 48th Birthday
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Lisa Marie PresleyTreated to a life of luxury at the 14-acre Graceland estate in Memphis, Tennessee, life was still hard for young Lisa Marie. Her father’s fame and drug abuse made an impression on her. At the age of five, Lisa Marie saw Elvis and Priscilla go through a very public divorce. Her mother subsequently won custody over her, though Elvis saw her frequently and never stopped lavishing her with gifts, which included jewels, meetings with celebrities like John Travolta, ponies, and even a golf cart in which she famously rode around the grounds of her father’s estate with.

August 16th, 1977, the tragic day Elvis Presley died. Lisa Marie, then only nine years old, was at the house when it happened and, to escape the madness that ensued, took refuge in her golf cart. Months later, it was revealed that Elvis had left his entire estate to his only child, Lisa Marie, to be taken over when she turned 25. Although her mother Priscilla Presley initially tried to protect her from the media, Lisa Marie could not escape and for years retreat into her shell in order to find some peace and solitude. At 25, her father’s Will was altered so that she would take control of the funds on her 30th birthday.

Lisa Marie’s late adolescent years were filled with partying, drugs and alcohol. Only after constant pressure by Priscilla did the Lisa Marie finally relent and at age 18 went through Scientology’s Purification program (Travolta – her childhood hero – introduced her to the religion) and now claims she has not touched drugs since. After rehabilitation, Lisa Marie’s love life took off. In 1988, she married musician Danny Keough and with him, had two children: Danielle Riley, now 18, and Benjamin Storm, now 14. The marriage lasted five and a half years and, of her three husbands, Danny remains the most present today, as one of Lisa Marie’s best friends.

A Mere 20 days after her split with Keough, Presley married Michael Jackson in the Dominican Republic, in May 1994. They had been friends for a long time (Lisa Marie actually first met the King of Pop when he was touring with the Jackson 5; Elvis introduced them), had lost touch, and then reconnected. Thanks to a highly watched interview with both Presley and Jackson on network television, as well as a very public kiss at MTV’s Video Music Awards, their marriage became the focal point of tabloids throughout its short life. Though she swore that she was at one point madly in love with him, Presley eventually could not take the marriage anymore and filed for divorce in January 1996.

When Lisa Marie turned 30 and became one very powerful businesswoman after taking over Elvis Presley’s $150 million estate, the media did not cut her much slack. Her engagement and subsequent breakup with John Osasco and then romance (and brief) marriage to Nicolas Cage in 2002 were popular news stories.

Despite the negative press, Lisa Marie deserves a some accolades. Her presence at Congress in 2002, where she spoke out against medicating mentally-challenged children, was an emotional experience while the establishment of Presley Place, a housing development for homeless families.

Philanthropy aside, Presley has been keeping busy producing her very first album. Putting aside her modelling duties for the Gap, Versace and Cartier watches, she released her rock/pop CD called To Whom It May Concern in April 2003. Behind the strength of the first single, “Lights Out,” and its accompanying video, the album debuted at number five on the Billboard chart. Her appearance on the cover of Rolling Stone helped spread the word of her musical talent, however, her tours are not the sell out shows her father commanded. Despite desperately, trying to  come into her own the only thing Lisa Marie Presley will be remembered for just being Elvis Presley’s little girl.

When Lisa Marie was three years old she learned the words to Elvis’s newest songs, “Sweet Caroline” and sang it for her father. Elvis told her that he wanted to record her on tape; Lisa sang full blast and even mimicked some of her fathers stage moves. Elvis loved her little voice and thought she would be a great singer one day… Lisa Marie learned the words to Elvis’s songs by playing his records on her on her own portable record player. When she had the song down pat. She’d run into her father’s room, take him by the hand, and say, “Daddy, sit down. I want to sing you our latest song!” She’d sing as loud as she could, making Elvis laugh and cry at the same time. He loved the fact that his daughter liked his songs enough to learn them.  Latest Photos of Lisa Marie Twin Girls

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