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Lisa Marie Wedding Photos
Beneath the Hawaiian sun, August 10, Lisa Marie Presley and actor Nicolas Cage married.

Lisa Marie Nicholas Cage Hawaii Wedding

Lisa Marie - Nicholas Cage Hawaiian Wedding
Hawaiian Wedding

Lisa Marie Presley Japanese Wedding
Lisa Marie Presley Japanese Wedding

Lisa Marie Fourth Wedding
“I’m madly in love with Michael . We had talked about marriage but I decided I didn’t want to wait so I went ahead and proposed” Lisa Marie

Michael Lockwood and Lisa Marie
Groom Michael Lockwood & Bride Lisa Marie
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Riley KeoughPriscilla Presley  |  Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie Presley Twins
Lisa Marie Twins Harper & Finley

Nicolas proposed just three days before and love struck Lisa Marie agreed to be his bride. It was a whirlwind of swift and secret planning to make the arrangement on the location that her father, Elvis made famous with Blue Hawaii and just days before the 25th anniversary tribute in Memphis.

Lisa Marie Presley – Michael Jackson Story

Guests included, Lisa Marie’s mother Priscilla, her maternal grandparents Ann and Paul Beaulieu who assembled on the oceanfront of the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel.  Lisa Marie’s 13 year old daughter Riley and son Benjamin with  Nic’s son Weston and stepbrother Navarone stepped forward with the rings. Priscilla fought back tears as she welcomed Nicolas into the family.

Those in attendance, believe Elvis was there watching over the proceedings and would have been proud to have Nicolas as a son-in-law. Now, Mr and Mrs Cage and their guests shared a lavish wedding feast at the hotel after which the couple left my Nic’s private jet for a super quick honeymoon at a secret location before heading for Memphis to officiate at the 25th Anniversary Elvis: Concert on  August 15th at the Pyramid

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