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“I’m madly in love with Michael . We had talked about marriage but I decided I didn’t want to wait so I went ahead and proposed” Lisa Marie

Priscilla_with_twin_granddaughtersLisa Marie Presley files for divorce Lisa Marie Presley files for divorce of her fourth marriage. EPN has learned Lisa Marie  has demanded full custody of her two daughters. Lisa Marie also wants that her ex Michael Lockwood may only see the twins when she is there. Lisa Marie and Michael married in 2006, but after ten years the love is over. She has not asked for financial help in the education of the two girls. However Child Protection has appointed  Priscilla Presley (grandother) is now sole carer of the 8 year old twin Harper and Finley. Lisa Marie Photos | Lisa Marie Husbands | Riley KeoughPriscilla Presley  |  Lisa Marie

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