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Age 71 Cilla has succumb to the obsession to retaining her youth. Priscilla Beaulieu Presley (born Priscilla Ann Wagner, May 24, 1945, New York) author of “Elvis and Me”  the  wife of  Elvis Presley
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Priscilla Presley Facelift – Priscilla Presley has confirmed she was operated on by an unlicensed cosmetic surgeon. Priscilla was injected with industrial-grade silicone used to lubricate automobile parts in 2003. Dr. Daniel Serrano, who eventually was jailed for his illegal surgery techniques, performed the procedure on the Priscilla Presley. “Priscilla was one of many documented victims of Dr. Serrano. An investigation which uncovered his misconduct ultimately led to his imprisonment.  Grandmother Cilla Got Twins

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Elvis is gone, but Priscilla only wife of of Elvis Presley remains with us. Elvis may have moulded, but she still looks exactly like the 14-year-old he began to woo while he was a GI in Germany in 1959. Priscilla Presley now 70, is still doll-like-dainty, perfectly made-up, with waxen cheeks and a permanently pursed mouth that has undergone more plastic surgery. Her eyes, pinioned open, continue to look at the world with dazed wonder, and her voice is that of a breathy, tentative teenager.

Cilla (as Elvis called her) is, a damaged creature. “I was someone he created,” she told me. “I was just a kid, and I was consumed by him. I could never speak my mind; all I desired was not to disappoint him.” Elvis dictated the color of her hair, which was dyed as black as his own and then teased into gravity-defying cones. Elvis insisted on the mascara that turned her eyes into volcanic craters, and the false lashes that flapped above them like nocturnal birds. Elvis picked out tarty costumes for her to wear when she came home from Catholic school, shed her uniform, and began to play – ‘his femme fatale’.

Elvis dosed her with uppers to adjust her moods, and deprived her of her favourite food, tuna salad, because he disliked its smell. “Yes, he was critical… What you’re seeing,” said Priscilla, pointing to her transfixed face. “This is the product of constant criticism.” Elvis once caught her frowning as she glanced up from her homework, and gave her a slap on the forehead to warn her that it was wrinkling. “If I looked up, it had to be with my eyes only, so the skin would stay smooth. See, I’m so well trained that I can’t do it now even if I want to!” She illustrated: her brow has indeed been ironed flat.

Elvis “was committed to my purity”, as Priscilla (widow) Presley puts it. He courted her like a minstrel in a medieval romance, and left her unsullied after she moved in with him. Until their marriage in 1967, they contented themselves with heavy petting. Consummation was adjourned until the wedding night in Las Vegas that resulted in immediate impregnation. “Elvis was always talking about women who let themselves go when they were expecting, who used it as an excuse to gain weight. So I actually lost eight pounds when I was carrying! I ate only eggs and apples, I never drank milk. No, I wasn’t allowed to see a doctor. Elvis didn’t like to have new people around. We were in a cocoon at Graceland…”

After the birth of their daughter, Lisa Marie Presley nine months later resulted in life of sexual rejection. Elvis felt, according to Priscilla’s testimony in the book, that ‘he just couldn’t have sex with a woman who’d had a child’. When I asked her about this, she revised the record, although the book reports on the end of ‘intimacy’. “Of course we were having sex! I mean, he was Elvis after all, and I must say he was very creative, very playful.”

I was reminded of Lisa Marie’s assertion during her brief marriage to Michael Jackson – that she and Jacko were rabbiting away at Neverland. So why did Elvis embargo postpartum intercourse? ‘Oh,’ said Priscilla Presley a little prissily, ‘I guess he had a madonna complex.’

The marriage unravelled, and they were divorced in 1973. “He was still very lovely with me, but only upstairs, when the guys weren’t around to impress. He was a Southern boy, a man’s man, and girls were kept out of sight. The other wives and I were only allowed

Priscilla Presley with grandson BenGraceland was a court of an absolute monarch, whose nocturnal habits were fuelled by Benzedrine. Priscilla has her own way of describing his manic whims: “Elvis was very spontaneous. It would be, “Now we’re all gonna go horse-back riding, or out on our motor bikes. Or we’re gonna take the plane to Vegas. Elvis would call on the intercom every morning to see who was in the kitchen before he went down to have his breakfast. He didn’t like it if there was someone in the room. Often it was a family member wanting money.’ After their separation, Priscilla watched as Elvis simultaneously inflated and imploded. His body ballooned, choked with cheeseburgers and pint tubs of ice cream, and he hid it behind jewelled capes and jumpsuits; his act became louder and a self-parody. “‘He was terribly insecure by the end.

Sometimes they had to curtain off whole areas of seating to make it look less empty. No one could tell him he had a problem, or get him to deal with his addictions. Just think – if he were alive now, he’d be in his early seventies, and remember how good Cary Grant looked when he was that age!’ Premature death ensured his immortality, and led almost immediately to a flurry of reincarnations – the claims in the tabloids that his statue had been found on Mars, the plaster statuettes sold like votive icons, the annual competitions in Vegas for Elvis clones.

After his death, Priscilla Presley conferred another kind of immortality on Elvis: she incorporated him. She set up Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. which runs Graceland commercial rights to his image; her book, the DVD and CDs are attempts to perpetuate the franchise. “No, I never did anything out of revenge,” she said when I asked about her motives for taking that lover. But her triumph over the man who divorced her has been lucrative. “I loved him, I still love him,” she states. But demolition is also part of the agenda: Priscilla knocked down the house Elvis occupied in LA, bronzed the bricks, then shipped them to Graceland for sale as souvenirs. She speaks about ‘the bigness of Elvis Presley’. What you notice about Priscilla is her littleness and her bemusement at what has happened to her. If Priscilla Presley could look up (which she knows it’s unwise) she would probably be asking the same questions she heard Elvis repeating during his reign: ‘Why me? Why was I chosen? Elvis  before/after eyelift

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