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Where is Elvis Buried?


Where is Gladys Presley Headstone Today?

Debra Paget Elvis Kiss


Elvis First Love : Contrary to popular opinion Debra Paget did not give Elvis his first screen kiss. That honor went to Jana Lund in Loving You 1957. During filming Elvis fell madly in love with co-star Debra Paget. He thought she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen. 



Priscilla Before/After Facelift  : Priscilla Presley Facelift – Priscilla Presley has confirmed she was operated on by an unlicensed cosmetic surgeon. Priscilla was injected with industrial-grade silicone used to lubricate automobile parts in 2003. Dr. Daniel Serrano, who eventually was jailed for his illegal surgery techniques, performed the procedure on the Priscilla Presley. “Priscilla was one of many documented victims of Dr. Serrano


Elvis Presley Bio : Elvis Presley is one of the most famous figures of our time and there have been numerous attempts at making a successful biopic. While there have been several films that have made an attempt at capturing his life, there has yet to be a definitive biopic considered must-see movie.

Jewish Elvis

Elvis Jewish Heritage :Jewish Elvis  Presley Jewish Ancestry  Presley Family Tree Before Madonna discovered Kabbalah, Elvis studied Numerology and the Kabbalah Inside Judaism, it forms the foundations of mystical religious interpretation. Outside Judaism, its scriptures are read outside the traditional canons and laws of religion

elvis guitars

Guitars Owned by Elvis : Elvis Presley Guitars – Elvis Les Paul Gibson Guitars – Elvis  Guitars has become synonymous with rock n rock. The preferred musical instrument for a legend of rock icons Throughout the years, Elvis had a string of Gibson guitars he used on stage

elvis pink cadillac

Elvis Cars : Cadillacs  was Elvis favorite make of car, whether it be a Pink Cadillac or Black.  Elvis included his Cadillacs in song. His Black Cadillac is mentioned in the lyrics Santa Claus is Back in Town while Pink Cadillac is mentioned in Baby Let’s Play House.  Elvis’s love  affair with the 1955 Fleetwood Cadillac was well documented as was his reputation for collecting cars. Though he owned and donated many different kinds of cars to friends and total strangers

Instead of staying at school and doing his math homework, like all the other kids of his age, he decided to follow his dream. Elvis never had to look for a job Thesis geek – thesis writers. He was recognized for his talent as a musician.

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