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Advertising – Why advertise with With the advent of adblockers internet users whether on desktop, laptop and mobile have the option to block all ads by installing ad blocker apps. Over the past year data shows that there are now 22 million active ad bockers preventing ads from opening up when users surf the web.



Advertising  – Why? spend good money with Google Adsense or knowing that your ads are subject to adblocker and in fact will never be seen?

Solution:   To bypass adblockers by approaching website managers  with text oriented advertorials and native advertising that aligns closely to the topic the web visitor is searching or viewing.  This is a sure-fire guarantee that your ads will be see and achieve all your advertising objectives and results. Try it now – Make Me an Offer?

All advertisers who submits an order for advertising on agrees to the following terms and conditions.

Ad Format:    Subject to availability and technical limitations all effort will be  made to publish the advertisement in the format submitted by the advertiser in accordance to their  instructions.

Ad Placement/Position:  All advertising placement  will be finalised by mututal agreement.  We reserve the right to vary the placement of the advertisement where deemed fit to do so. However, we will notify you of any changes.

Timefame: Terms are no less than  90 days (3 months) from the date of payment and no more than 365 Days (1 year) or by mutual agreement.

Rates:  The rates for advertisement will be agree upon by mutual agreement of both parties.

Payments:  All payments to be via PayPal and in US dollars. All charges quoted are, exclusive of paypal fees.  We will issue the advertiser with a “Paypal Invoice”. The advertsier must pay us any applicable “Payal Fees”  in addition to the rates quoted. Payment due within 3 days upon receipt of “Paypal Invoice”  For all recurring ad comapaigns  will issue “Paypal Invoice”  5 days  in advance if next payment due

All advertisers must agree to the advertising services in accordance with the above written terms and conditions.

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