BMW 507 Elvis Bought in Germany while in the Army Elvis Presley, bought his BMW 507 in white but then got it resprayed in red. Elvis decided to change the colour of his  BMW roadster after female fans were leaving lipstick marks on his white paintwork every day, so he got it painted red. The BMW was sold and changed owners many time over the years. Finally found again in a barn in California and restored to it’s original glory.



Elvis was handed the keys to the BMW 507 on December 21, 1958 in a ceremony in the presence of Uschi Siebert a well known TV personality. A dozen photographers and journalists documented the eventwith many German Elvis fans in the audience. When he actually took possession of the car is unclear but it would have been in the days following after a service and registration change. The number plate on the car that was Elvis’ was A-1499 (1958 US Forces In Germany). The car was plated ‘F-04071’ before Elvis took delivery. December 1958 in Frankfurt, Germany, when Elvis bought a used BMW 507 after starting his military service.