David Letterman Elvis Top 10

David Letterman Elvis Top Ten – Elvis Top
David Letterman Elvis Top Ten(Disclaimer: Please do not take offense- Have a sense of humor)
Top Ten Things Elvis Would Say if He Came Back Today

10. I’ve been dead 38 years, and I still look better than Keith Richards

9. What do you know? The Jets still suck

8. I’m hungry — is there are any food stuck in my sideburns?

7. I can’t believe I missed the McRib Sandwich!

6. Who’s this ‘Richard Simmons,’ and why’s he keep trying to hug me?

5. I’ve been dead 38 years, – of course I want fries with that!

4. Heaven was great until that freaky bastard Tiny Tim showed up

3. That Letterman punk’s on the TV — where’s my revolver?

2. I haven’t been dead — I’ve been starring in a series on CBS

1. Lisa Marie married who? Top Ten Things Elvis Would Say if He Came Back Today

10. Maybe I should get me one of them Wonderbras

9. Sonny, Red, help me brush the dirt out of my sideburns

8. This new President and I disagree on a lot of things, but french fries ain’t one of them

7. Is there something I just don’t get about Pauly Shore?

6. What happened to Ed Sullivan, and who’s that dork using his theater?

5. Can I get that Miata in pink?

4. What’s my old smokin’ buddy Suzie Molinari doin’ these days?

3. All you people who thought I was alive this whole time — you morons!

2. I’d heard Lisa Marie married Michael Jackson, but this guy in the wedding photos is white

1. Bob Dole? Didn’t I meet him back when I was dead?