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DEBORAH WALLEY DIES Starred in Spinout with Elvis – Deborah Walley lost her battle with cancer Finally on Friday, 11 May, Deborah Walley lost her battle with lung cancer. The beautiful, red head who starred with Elvis in “Spinout” passed away this morning  at her home in Sedona. Our deepest sympathy to family and fans of which she had many…  Deborah (co-starred with Elvis in Spinout 1966 and several Gidget movies) Starred in Spinout with Elvis


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Unfortunately surgery is not an option, and Deborah has been advised that radiation or chemotherapy could do more harm then good. Equally as unfortunate is that in our world today no insurance that may be available to her will cover alternative treatments. Upon here this tragic news thousand of Elvis fans sent Deborah their prayers and good wishes… this is her response:

Dear Friends, I want to thank all of you who have sent so many prayers, letters, e-mails, gifts, and contributions. All the love you are sending me is making me better every day. Your contributions are helping to send me to a wonderful clinic in Mexico. I am doing well, my faith and resolve have not wavered.

They tell me that this is probably the greatest battle I will ever fight, but I know that with my determination and all of the love I am receiving I will have everything I will need to win I am truly blessed, and I hold you all in my heart. Marty will try his best to keep my today page updated with new information as it develops. 

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Thank you very much, I love you all, Deborah Walley