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Diana Dors claims “Elvis was my Lover” -There were many women in Elvis’s life. But what was he like as a lover? Once asked what type of girl Elvis like to marry by the press. Elvis replied, “The female kind, sir!” October 6, 1977 Diana Dors claims “Elvis was my lover”

Diana Dors claims "Elvis was my Lover"
In memory Diana Dors wear the snake watch and ring a gift from Elvis in 1970 Diana Dors in 1956 when she was Britain’s number one glamour girl her torrid love affair with Elvis Presley was well hushed up…

My wild, wild love affair with Elvis Presley has been on the best kept secrets in show business. But today for the first time I can reveal that Elvis was my lover. And I loved him with all my heart. It was an affair the nearly cost him his life. Fortunately Elvis escaped unharmed… but now he’s dead and like millions around the world I still can’t believe it. We first met at a party in Hollywood in 1956. I was making a film for RKO called “I Married A Woman” with American comedian George Gobel.  I was 24 and Elvis 21 and both of us were sex symbols at the height of our careers. I was married to Dennis Hamilton. He was my manager, my mentor, my Svengali. And very jealous.

Elvis on his way to Mexico?

Dors Home where she claims had an affair with Elvis

  As we all stood around chatting. Elvis walked in. He was wearing a white Western style open-neck shirt with black Mexican Trousers and he wore a gold necklace. He looked really stunning and those sea-green eyes just pierced right through me….My legs went to jelly

He knew all about me. I had received tremendous publicity in Hollywood as the British Monroe. Denis was chatting Ginger Rogers as I continued my conversation with Elvis. I asked him when was coming to England where he has so many fans. He said he hoped to one day. The added: “Diane (he never called me Diana) could I please have your telephone number? I’d like to keep in contact.” I was very flattered. I gave him my number. Obviously Elvis was as attracted to me as I was to him. Next day he turned up at the studio and asked to take me out to lunch. He knew I was married and that the gossip columnists night spot us. But he didn’t seem to care. We just chatted like a couple of love-sick kids. . I was the first time

I had really fallen in love and it was marvelous yet frightening experience. I problem was that I was a married woman with a successful career to continue and bad publicity would wreck it.

So we agreed on a fantastic plan of subterfuge so that we could meet without the Press – and my wildly possessive husband – finding out. I was living in a magnificent million-dollar white mansion in Beverly Hills which has a swimming poll and a pool house by the side.

That became our love-nest for those five astonishing months. Elvis would drive up in his car with smoked-glass windows and slip to the pool house without the army of servants spotting him. There , amid the orchids and garland we would make love. He was the nearest thing I’ve ever known to Heaven. The joy I felt – we both felt – was indescribable. One weekend when Dennis was away Elvis said: “How would you like to come to Mexico with me for a couple of day?” I jumped at the idea. Soon we had driven across the border with another couple and had moved into a hacienda just outside Tijuana 

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