Elvis Presley with Dick Clark

Dick Clark – Elvis  Presley 1961 Interview  on American Bandstand

Dick Clark American Bandstand

Dick Clark – Elvis Interview
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Elvis Presley Las Vegas 1969

1959 Dick Clark offered the only  respected adult voice in support of ElvisPresley. “He’’s a great talent…” Clark declared. “Whether you call it rock and roll or rhythm and blues or country music, his style is authentic. He has never faked his music. His music is honest. Many adults couldn’’t see it. The younger generation, whose tastes were not prejudiced, accepted Presley’s singing for its freshness and exuberance. But this is not the secret. It’s something more than talent that Elvis has. Some people call it magic. I call it girl-appeal.”

Elvis made some of his last live appearances that he would make. He did a charity dinner on 25 February 1961 , charging $100 a plate and donated the money to charity. RCA presented him with a plaque for achieving 76,000,000 records sales. Although Elvis never appeared on American Bandstand TV show Dick Clark was a huge Elvis fan. Dick Clark honored Elvis Presley with the American Bandstand award for the top male vocalist. The luncheon was followed by this press conference:  Dick Clark asked Elvis

Dick Clark: How’s your love life
Elvis: I’ll let you know.
DC: What’s your favorite record?
Elvis: It’s Now or Never…sir.
DC: Are you happy?
Elvis: I don’t know… just nervous.
DC: What was your best movie role?
Elvis: King Creole
DC: Are you going to move to Hollywood?
Elvis: No sir, I’ll stay in Memphis
DC: Are you going to be doing anymore TV?
Elvis: I’m too tied up. Too much TV hurts movies.
DC: Do you smoke?

Elvis: Cigars….rarely. Usually when the Colonel gives me one.
DC: Why did you cut your sideburns?
Elvis: I just outgrew them.

DC: What about the girls in your life, Anita Woods in particular?
Elvis: Anita’s just a friend. If I take anyone out a couple of times, the newspapers make a big deal out of it.
DC: Will you be touring soon?
Elvis: Colonel Parker will have to answer that one. Eventually, I’ll tour Europe
DC: Do you keep any pets?
Elvis: I’ve just added a couple of mules.
DC: How many cars do you own?
Elvis: Two at the moment…
DC: What has been your biggest thrill in show business?
Elvis: Getting my first gold record.