How Much is Elvis Autograph Worth?

How to Spot a Fale Elvis Autograph? What are Elvis Autographs Worth? Things to check before buying an Elvis Autograph

Authentic Elvis Presley AutographAuthentic Elvis Signature

Examples of  authentic Elvis Presley Autographs

Elvis autographs are probably the most common counterfeit item on sale at Elvis signature is very difficult to authenticate because there are so many variations in the way Elvis signed his name in the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s. Below are a few examples of authentic Elvis signatures.  This report offers Elvis fans an insight on what to look for when thinking of buying any collectable or memorabilia item.

Questions to ask before you buy any Elvis autograph/collectable

1. How did the seller obtain the signature?

2. Did Elvis sign the item in front of the person selling the item?

3. When, how and where was the signature acquired

Elvis AutographyVery rarely did Elvis sign his name separately (top & bottom) Elvis signed Elvis Presley as one word – joined together. Usually he dashed the “i” in Elvis or not at all – never with a dot Elvis handwriting was never smooth he signed as if in a rush Take note of every letter separately in both “Elvis” & “Presley” NOTE: On legal document Elvis signed his name neatly and included his middle initial “A” for Aaron (Elvis A Presley) Elvis’ capital “T” look like the number “7” Oldest Elvis Autograph

Always beware of autographs signed with gold or silver paint “felt” pens as these pens did not go on sale until after Elvis’ death. Whenever considering buying an Elvis autograph, please insist on the history and background of how the owner came by the autograph. Always ask if Elvis signed the item in person. It is a well know fact that during the 1970’s many fans gave the members of the Memphis Mafia items to be signed at Elvis concerts or at the Graceland Gates. These minders have since admitted that they  faked hundreds of  Elvis signature and signed most of the items themselves. The history holds true for fans that sent requests for autographs by mail to Graceland. Elvis’ secretaries openly addmitted  that she forged Elvis signature on many occasions. I have 30 years experience of authenticating Elvis signatures and Elvis collectable.

For all Elvis autograph & Elvis collectable  enquiries email  Elvis Autograph Services after you have made payment of  US$48.00  NOTE: Once payment has been made email  images of the autograph/item to be authenticated. Thank You


Col Parker cautioned Elvis  to stop adding ” love y” a  to his autograph fearing female fans may file paternal claims. However, these are the most sought after Elvis autographs for abvious reasons. The most valuable Elvis autographs are on any album cover that includes the record and all inserts sold at the time

 Elvis Presley AutographElvis Autograph on Scarf - Blue

WARNING! Elvis signature scarves are pre-printed autographs  as these examples indicate the signatures are the same on the red & blue scarf

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