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Numismatics Elvis Presley Coin – Elvis Silver Coin – Elvis Presley  Numismatics Queen Elizabeth Coin and Elvis Presley Coin celebrated together through a beautifully crafted silver gift set. Her Majesty the Queen is set to be the surprise addition to a unique series of 12 commemorative legal tender silver coins being produced over the next twelve months to celebrate the life and times of Elvis Presley. It’s a celebration of the King of Rock ’n’ Roll together with the ultimate accolade of Her Majesty the Queen of England and Head of the commonwealth. A symbol of two worlds joined together through a beautifully crafted silver gift set.

Numismatics The collection, which has been produced in secret by some of the world’s top coin designers will launch with the first in the series showcasing Elvis in the most fitting of scenarios. The 12 series set available individually from July at has already got collectors, fans and industry figures around the world itching to be the first to get their hands on what is likely to be the must have collectors piece of the decade.

Elvis Collectible Coin

Elvis kept this 1935 Nickel Coin in his wallet

Projects Designer Barry Temple-Purcell said: “We have truly created a masterpiece to celebrate the life of the King of Rock “n” Roll. A truly wonderful honor to a man who meant so much to millions of fans around the world.


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