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Bonnie Lynn FieldsFormer Mouseketeer Bonita Lynn Fields Elder, who showcased her dancing skills on the 1950s children’s show ‘‘The Mickey Mouse Club’’ and later performed on Broadway, has died in Indiana at age 68.She was 12 in 1957, when her dancing abilities helped her win a slot on the third season of ‘‘The Mickey Mouse Club.’’ She auditioned in California, where her family had moved from Indiana when she was 9.  Elder always went by the name Lynn, but she adopted the stage name ‘‘Bonnie’’ a shortened version of her real first name  at the suggestion of the show’s producers because there was already a cast member, a boy, with the first name Lynn. Bonnie landed  bit parts in the 1960s movies, including ‘‘ Kissin’ Cousins

Bonnie Lynn Fields Kissn Cousins

Cast of Love Me Tender (1956)
Richard Egan: July 29, 1912 – July 20, 1987
Debra Paget: August 19, 1933 –
Robert Middleton: May 13, 1911 – June 14, 1977
William Campbell: October 30, 1926 –
Neville Brand: August 13, 1920 – April 16, 1992
Mildred Dunnock: January 21, 1901 – July 5, 1991

LoveMeTenderIn 1956 Wallis was searching for an appropriate debut vehicle for his newest discovery Elvis Presley. Unable to find what he was looking for, he loaned Presley out to 20th Century Fox for Love Me Tender. Wallis wanted a script that would effectively feature Presley’s dual appeals his sensuality as an actor and his raucous singing style.

In 1957 Wallis found the script he was looking for. In Loving You he paired Presley romantically with Dolores Hart, another newcomer for whom he had high hopes. To solidify the cast, Wallis brought in Lizabeth Scott and Wendell Corey, two veterans to help support the novices but with not enough star power to overshadow Presley.

Cast of Loving You (1957)
Lizabeth Scott: 1922 – 2002
Wendall Corey: 1914 – 1968
Dolores Hart : October 20, 1938 –
James Gleason: , 1882 – 1959

Elvis Co-Stars King CreoleCast of King Creole (1958)
Carolyn Jones:  1930 – 1983
Walter Matthau:  1920 – 2000
Dolores Hart: October 20, 1938
Dean Jagger: 1903 – 1991
Vic Morrow: 1929 –  1982

co-starsVicky Tiu as Sue-Lin is a scene stealer, with her big saucer eyes, hearty appetite and sweetly scheming ways. It was the only film Tiu ever made, but she now has another prominent role: as Vicky Tiu Cayetano, first lady of the state of Hawaii. Vicky Tiu was 6 years old at the time, remembers being homesick much of the time – with her family in San Francisco, the little girl had a nanny during the making of the movie.

Shelley Fabares - Elvis Presley 1965Shelley Fabares, Elvis, Mary Ann Mobley Girl Happy 1965 Shelley Fabares Elvis Co-Star in three Movies Girl Happy 1965 –  Spinout 1966 – Clambake 1967 Real Name: Michele Fabares Born: January 19th, 1944 California. Husbands: Lou Adler (1964 – 70) Mike Farrell (1984-present)

co-starsShelley Fabares grew up in movies & television. A child model turned actress, she appeared on the Frank Sinatra Show at age nine and sang a duet  “Young at Heart” As a teenager she played Mary Stone on The Donna Reed Show. Her career spread from television to her million-selling record “Johnny Angel” . Fabares co-starred with Elvis Presley in three films. In the late 1960s she starred in the Emmy-winning Brian’s Song, followed by several TV series including Coach. Former Miss America who co-starred in Girl Happy with Elvis Presley and went on to  make documentary films has died. Mary Ann Mobley Collins died in Beverly Hills, California. She was 75.             Kurt Russell            Ann Margret