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Elvis Easter Eggs Easter Egg HuntElvis loved holidays. Christmas and Easter were especially joyous times at Graceland. Holidays gave Elvis a chance to be generous to those close to him. Giving cars to strangers has become a part of the King’s legend, but Elvis also loved to spoil his family and friends. After Lisa Marie was born, Elvis would arrange for an egg hunt on Easter Sunday. The night before, Elvis and the guys would scour the Graceland estate to hide the precious cargo. The next morning Lisa Marie and many of the children of the Memphis Mafia would spend hours searching for chocolate eggs.  The person with the most eggs wins. One year, not to be outdone, a very lazy Elvis raided the fridge just to be proclaimed the winner. Elvis spending Easter with Lisa Marie and Linda Thompson

Easter Eggs Elvis Easter BunnyElvis enjoyed Easter, when he would organise a Easter egg hunt. However, Elvis would just go to the fridge and collect the eggs and declare himself the winner. One Easter Holiday Elvis decided to take Linda Thompson and Lisa Marie for a joy ride and his motorbike… to the amazement of the local Memphis neighbourhood