Jumpsuits Elvis Collection

Jumpsuits – Elvis Presley Jumpsuits Elvis Presley in Vegas  Elvis in Concert 1969-77  Elvis fashioned  jumpsuits were first inspired by his childhood comic hero Captain Marvel down the lighting bolt which became the TCB design


Elvis Las Vegas Jumpsuits - Red Jumpsuit - White Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits – We all know Elvis Presley as the King of Rock and Roll but in his final years Elvis Presley was a star of Las Vegas and there was loads of hype surrounding him, it would be his new home for some time. Of course it was a city where nothing shocked in those day’s, you would see the likes of Elvis was living the life of decadence that was only expected of a Vegas star. After signing a contract, he was paid $100,000 a week which would be roughly £2 million today. He purchased 14 Cadillac and diamond studded Rolex watches, he definitely knew how to spend. Initially it was thought that Vegas and Elvis would be a match made in heaven, but later it became apparent that it would be his downfall. Because of Elvis Presley Vegas became more popular than ever to see him perform.

Elvis became ubiquitous with Las Vegas during his lifetime and more so after his death. Becaase this is where Elvis ruled and broke all attendance records, when he decided to return to live performance in 1969.  Elvis was presented this   gold buckle to commerate this event by the International Hotels(now the Hilton), for breaking all attendance records… and wore wear often with pride with his collection of jumpsuits.

Elvis Gold Lame Suit

Along with his weight gain – it was noticeable that his clothes began to get more flamboyant too, with the sparkles getting brighter, the belt buckles getting bigger and so on. Soon people were also quite alarmed by his performances on stage when he slurred his words and forget words and sometimes ramble on. Later it was found out that Elvis has 5 Doctors prescribing medication to him which had caused this behaviour but the Colonel at the hotel had insisted that whatever the case the show must go on.