Elvis Birthday – Elvis Born January 8, 1935

Elvis Birthday Today Elvis would be celebrating his 87th Birthday. Born January 8, 1935  How Elvis celebrate his birthdays throughout his lifetime. Had Elvis lived he would be celebrating his 87th Birthday… Lawdy, Lawdy where have the years gone. Born January 8, 1935 Tupelo, Mississippi  Died August 16, 1977 Graceland, Memphis For three decades, now fans have celebrated Elvis Presley’s birthday week at Graceland

Elvis Birthday

Elvis Presley Birthday

1945: The facts concerning Elvis’s first guitar vary. One account claims Elvis bought a $7.75 guitar from the Tupelo Hardware Company because he wanted to accompany himself when he sang. Elvis paid for part of his 10th birthday present from money he had earned doing odd jobs around the neighborhood. The owner of the store claims that Elvis was more interested in buying a rifle, but that his mother Gladys feared he would shoot someone or himself. Another story tell of Elvis wish for a bicycle but could not afford the $55.00 to price tag.  Uncle Vester Presley taught Elvis how to play the guitar.

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Presley Family during Elvis Birthday cake cutting celebration at Graceland

January 08, 1949 Vernon gave Elvis a paperback book with the inscription: “May your birthday be sprinkled through ‘n through with joy and love and good times too, Daddy”. Elvis brought this book with him to Germany, but it was left behind in his rented house at 14 Goethestrasse.

1953: Vernon and Gladys paid $50 for a Lincoln Zephyr coupe which they gave to Elvis on his 18th birthday. With wheels  Elvis discovered freedom which scared his mother. Gladys did not know how to drive, so she used the excuse to get Elvis to drive her everywhere.

1954: Elvis, his mother Gladys and his father Vernon celebrated is birthday singing inspirational songs at their home.

1955: Elvis performed at the Louisiana Hayride concerts, watched by Hank Williams’s son, Jimmy Rodgers Snow who reported back to Col Parker


1956: Elvis’s 21st birthday was spent on the road going to and from Louisiana Hayride appearances.

1957: Elvis traveled by train to Hollywood on his 22nd birthday. Scotty Moore, Bill Black & DJ Fontana who co-starred in Loving You, shared a birthday cake that Gladys had baked.

1958: Elvis was in California to record  his Christmas album.

1959: Dick Clark’s American Bandstand dedicated its program to Elvis 24th birthday. It was the first birthday Elvis ever spent without his mother’s well wishes.

Elvis Birthday

Elvis Today Age 80

1960: Rumours had it that United Artists wanted Elvis to play the lead role in West Side Story. The Colonel turned it down because the character dies a brutal death.

1961: Elvis celebrated his 26th birthday with Hope Lang on the set of Wild In The Country. He was in a foul mood because Col Parker insisted he record the title track from the movie which Elvis thought was a non-singing role.

1962: On his 27th birthday Dick Clark dedicated his broadcast of American Bandstand to Elvis.

1964: Elvis did not want to celebrate his 29th birthday as he was upset about the way his flagging movie career and became violent at how the critics were panning his movies.

1965: Elvis celebrated his 30th birthday quietly at home, thought some newspapers printed the news of his 30th birthday like it was the end of an era. However,  two months later Elvis declared in an interview: “I can never forget the longing to be someone. I guess if you are poor you always think bigger and want more than those who have everything.” On that day Elvis signed a 3-picture contract with MGM and there was talk of Elvis starring in BABY THE RAIN MUST FALL. However, Steve McQueen got the lead role of Henry Thomas an ex-con who had a band called the Rockabillies. In the film McQueen remarks, “Maybe I’ll be a big movie star like Elvis Presley…”

1966: Elvis celebrated his 31st birthday by attending It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World at the Memphian. He would continue to watch films almost every night while he was at home. Elvis received a telegram from RCA, declaring: “Your understanding and cooperation made 1965 the biggest of all in the 10 years you have been with us”

1967:  Marty Lacker, Charlie Hodge and the other members of the Memphis Mafia got together and present Elvis with “tree-of-life” medallion for his 32nd birthday which Elvis often wore.

1968: Just months into his marriage and the honeymoon was over. Elvis just wanted things to stay the same (horsing around with the guys) although his was wed and about to become a father.

1969: Elvis celebrated his 34th birthday at Graceland

Sweet Caroline Vegas

1970: Elvis prepared for his next concert tour throughout the States. Elvis was happy to perform before a live audience again. To-date his most successful concert was at New York, Madison Square Garden 

1971: The day after his 36th birthday Jaycees voted Elvis Ten Outstanding Young Men of America. The tribute brought tears of joy and was the only award Elvis accepted in person.

1975: Elvis celebrated his 40th birthday at Graceland. According to the press “in self-imposed seclusion”, true or not, Elvis’ uncle Vester hadn’t seen his nephew since Christmas.

 1976: Elvis spent the evening of his birthday on the slopes of Vail with Jerry Schilling and Myrna Smith. There was a great deal of tension on this vacation, mostly due to Elvis mood changes.

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