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Joan Blackman & Elvis, Joan Blackman co-star in Blue Hawaii Elvis Presley movie Blue Hawaii was filmed on the grounds of the Coco Palms Hotel In 1961, the Elvis Presley movie Blue Hawaii was filmed on the grounds of the Coco Palms, ushering the hotel into immortality.

Joan Blackman - Blue HawaiiJoan Blackman As Maile she looked beautiful in Elvis’ arms against the Hawaiian sunset… Since then, Joan has matured into the movie star from hell… In 1961 Joan Blackman starred as Maile Duvall opposite Elvis in one of his most successful films, Blue Hawaii. Not only did the film set the formula for Elvis’ films, but it’s probably started the “beach movie” trend started. Then in 1962 Joan again joined forces with Elvis in Kid Galahad a remake of the Humphrey Bogart classic. Joan plays the sister of Elvis’ boss (played by Gig Young), who disapproves of Elvis dating her. Another interesting co-star in Kid Galahad is a very young Charles Bronson who plays Elvis’ boxing coach! After the two Elvis outings, Joan made a few TV appearances, and a couple of films (notably the cult classic Macon County Line with Max “Jethro of Beverly Hillbillies” Baer!). In 1985, Joan appeared in Ray Davies’ mini-rock-opera, Return To Waterloo, in which the Kinks’ lead singer-songwriter takes us on a very strange trip indeed! After that, Joan is pretty scarce! Since then Joan has written a book (of sorts) and was in Memphis during Elvis Week for a book signing at the Peabody Hotel… Since my busy schedule could not accommodated my interview with Joan Blackman, upon my return I asked Rockin Robin to furnish me with the details… and much to my surprise here is the mouth full I received in return!

Joan Blackman Dear Lea, As far as Joan Blackman is concerned, I have washed my hands of dealing with her and promoting her after what she did to me in Memphis and how rude she was to others while there!  Not only did I give up my entire Elvis Week to shuttle her about driving here and there (341 miles) but she stiffed me for my backstage pass to the after concert party at The Pyramid. Joan dumped me at the concert when she took the backstage pass meant for her the man she shagged that night and I never heard from her again. Patsy Andersen asked later what happened to Joan as no one saw her again.

At her book signing she barked orders at me to pass out her flyers on her books, than accused me of taking some of her book money and  yelled and bitched me out in the lobby of The Peabody Hotel in front of friends and fans. (Her self made little books are just excerpts from her autobiography in progress  and certainly not worth the $25.00 a piece that she is charging as she prints these up herself for next to nothing.)

Joan Blackman

Joan Blackman’s antics have become gossip fodder all over Memphis from what Bill Burk emailed me. On the night of  August 15, Joan, walked out Candlelight Vigil  where she was to be a guest but never showed up! Again Joan was invited to Pasty Anderson’s Presidents Fan Club Event at Libertyland. Sad as EPE had paid all of her expenses to come out via the train, paid her out of pockets expense and the $900.00 a day suite she had at The Peabody. In today’s mail she returned a beautiful vase that I had given her a few months back and it was wrapped in an empty used cat litter bag and stuffed inside a Beer Bottle box, no note or anything.

So I am not only hurt by her actions where compared to someone like Deborah Wally who had class. I will not help her make money off the Elvis fans when she complains about them and having to sign autographs for “free”.

Hi….  I was checking out your Elvis website and came across your page on Joan Blackman. I am sorry that “Rockin’ Robin” seems to have had a less-than-stellar interaction with Joan (and I have no idea how long ago that was written), but I for one can tell you my impression of her couldn’t be more opposite. I met her recently (in fact, I just had dinner with her at a mutual friend’s house this evening) and she was most gracious and very charming. She wasn’t the least bit arrogant or any thing remotely like that. She really seems to me to be a genuinely kind and humble person. She didn’t mind at all when I asked questions about her acting and singing career as well as her relationships with Elvis and Sinatra – she spoke fondly and humbly about that time of her life. It really surprises me that someone could have such a negative impression of her. Just thought you might like to hear from someone with another perspective. Cheers, Elvis fan, Nic

Nancy Sinatra