Michael Jackson Lisa Marie Story

“Leaving Neverland” would not have come to pass had Michael Jackson not make some BAD decisions in 1993 …. Michael Jackson only married Lisa Marie Presley to restore his image after the scandal. Howard Weitzman (attorney) pressured Michael Jackson to settle out of court then which proved to be a huge mistake. Settling the 1993 civil lawsuit out of court opened the Pandora’s Box for further extortion attempts. It was his then manager Sandy Gallin, further pressured Michael to get married to quell gay rumors. Nobody bought the marriage of Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley and it was endlessly ridiculed by the media. Michael’s so called advisors were naïve in suggesting both “Settling out of court” and “marrying Lisa Marie Presley.”

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Lisa Marie Presley in fact met Michael Jackson in 1992 at her request because she wanted to kick off a music career. Brett Livingstone, who was their mutual friend, was the matchmaker. He admitted later that she initiated the meeting,  and insisted on meeting Michael personally, even after he only asked for a demo tape of Lisa Marie’s songs. After hearing the demo tape Michael was not eager    to sign-up Lisa Marie to his record company because he didn’t think she could    sing nor had any talent.


When  Lisa Marie did release her first album “To Whom It May Concern” 2003, she used her short lived marriage to Michael Jackson for her own self promotion. At every  promotional interview Lisa Marie would she talked mostly about her marriage  with Michael Jackson rather than her music. Despite all the hype her album was   a far cry from successful. Her later albums were even less successful. During that time Lisa Marie also expressed her dismay for the way Michael Jackson  chose to license her late father’s songs, the rights to which MJ owned. Again she received heavy criticism from Roger Friedman, who said “First of all, honey, Elvis Presley was a great performer — but he didn’t write the songs, OK? Lieber and Stoller wrote a bunch of them. In the case of ‘Burning Love,’ it was     a guy named Dennis Linde. Your name is not Lisa Marie Linde.”


The Michael Jackson, Lisa Marie Presley marriage was a sham not love. Michael Jackson didn’t even like as a person. Later when Lisa Marie trashed Michael to all that would listen – he never spoke badly of her, publicly. Even though Lisa Marie filed for a divorce it was Michael Jackson who wanted the divorce and Lisa Marie begged him not to file for a divorce then so she would file first and it would seem that she had left, which she said in many interviews, “I left Michael Jackson for a reasons I don’t regret …”

Lisa Marie Michael Jackson on Stage

The fact is Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson were NEVER together and that Lisa Marie demanded Michael Jackson became a Scientologist. Scientology wanted Michael Jackson for recruitment and Lisa Marie was the bait. At the time Michael Jackson was very vulnerable as he faced allegations of child molestation, he battled an addiction to painkillers and his life in general was in turmoil. However, Michael Jackson had no interest in Scientology whatsoever. Apart from her Scientology agenda and hopes for a music career, Lisa Marie was and is a naïve romantic… when her idealisation was unrequited, she became bitter towards Michael.

Lisa Marie never loved Michael Jackson though; she was intoxicated with him as she herself said… “He was an incredible, an incredibly dynamic person. If you were in his vicinity and he wanted to give – and he showed you who he was, and he was willing to do that in any way, meant that… I have never felt so high in my life. I have never felt so high in my life as that. I am not lying when I say  that. He had something so intoxicating about him and when he was on, when he  was ready to share with you or give it to you, and be himself and allow you to come in. I don’t know if I’ve ever been that intoxicated by anything… It was like a drug. Michael was like a drug for me. I felt like I just always wanted  to be around him, always wanted to be part of – I felt so high. I’ve never felt like that around another human being…. “