Lisa Marie Quits Church

lisa-marie-scientologyRon Miscavige says that Lisa Marie Presley tried, and failed, to reunite him with his family

After he left Scientology, Ron says Presley hoped to broker peace between him and his two daughters, who, according to Ron, remained with the church and “disconnected” from him. The church has steadfastly denied the existence of a policy of “disconnection” saying members are not forced to sever ties with those deemed antagonistic towards the religion.

“Presley was livid that I was not being able to talk to my daughters and the hypocrisy of the church’s claim that it has no policy of disconnection, yet clearly it was affecting the family of the chairman of the board,” he writes.

Presley was raised in Scientology by her mom, Priscilla, but has long been rumored to have distanced herself from the church. Ron writes that he got to know her the years when they crossed paths at Gold Base, the 500-acre Scientology compound in Hemet, California, and they rekindled a friendship after he left. “She and David had been friends at one time, and she thought perhaps she could help,” he writes, recounting her visit to the church’s headquarters in Clearwater, Florida, where she allegedly could not meet with Miscavige but attempted to deliver a message directly to David by speaking into video cameras at Scientology offices.

“From what she told me later, she let him have it pretty good,” he writes. ” ‘How dare you not let your own father talk to his daughters? You are breaking up the family!’ “

Days later, Lisa Marie Presley heard back from the church officials, who apparently arranged for Ron’s daughters, Lori and Denise, to meet with her. During the meeting, Ron’s daughters “lashed out at Lisa Marie” and made it clear they had no interest in their father.

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