What Is Lisa Marie Worth? Pre-Nuptial Agreement

What is Lisa Marie  Presley Worth? Lisa Marie Claims to be broke despite the fact she receives 45K+ per month from her inheritance. How did Lisa Marie mis-manage her inheritance? Where did all the money disappear? 

  • In 2003 she launched her music career at the age of 35. Her debut album, To Whom It May Concern, was a top-five US platinum hit, with Lights Out being the most profound  lyrics about Memphis, “where my family’s buried and gone”. Lisa Marie, did not get a recording contract but personally financed her recording and concert tours. The novelty of being Elvis Presley daughter soon petered out when fans realised she was just a medicore talent. By 2012 her third album, Storm & Grace, sputtered into the charts at #45 and disappeared, despite a prime time slot on American Idol to promote it.

  • In 2014 Lisa Marie’s Australian tour saw her playing outback country venues like Rooty Hill and Tumbi Umbi which proved  just how much she had to battle to escape the long shadow cast by her father. Meet and greet tickets for the tour came with a strict stipulation: Anybody dressed as Elvis or Michael Jackson would not be allowed to meet Lisa Marie under any circumstances.

  • Lisa Marie out-of-control spending that led to her perilous financial situation. Her decision to move her family to the UK and buy an estate in Kent lasted only 23 months. When she tried to sell up and return to LA she  could not sell the estate and  now owes $US6 million on her home in England.

  • According to court documents Lisa Marie Presley owes $US10 million in back taxes


 Lucky Priscilla Presley insisted that Lisa Marie signed a 952 million dollar Pre-Nuptial agreement before she wed the fourth time to Michael Lockwood. Despite the signed Pre-Nutial Agreement  Lisa Marie Presley has been ordered by the court to shell out $10,000 a month to aid in Michael Lockwood’s legal expenses. The payments begin on the 15th of each month for the next five months.
Lisa Marie eight-year-old twins with Lockwood, will not have to pay spousal support to Lockwood for the time being, though the legal papers indicate that the court “retains jurisdiction” to order Presley to retroactively pay child support, if it’s determined that a waiver of spousal support contained in a 2007 post-nuptial agreement between Presley and Lockwood is not valid.
The estranged husband of Lisa Marie Presley hit back at allegations that he held “disturbing” images of children, calling the accusations unproven and malicious. Lockwood, a musician, was accused by the daughter of Elvis of having illegal images on his computer. Her divorce from Lockwood has now become a battle for money, with Lisa Marie claiming that she has little of her $100 million inheritance left, and Lockwood seeking spousal support.
Elvis Presley was 4th on Forbes list of the top-earning dead celebrities – earning $US35 million in 2017, 40 years after his death. However, at the time of his death, Elvis’ fortune had dwindled to $5 million. On her 25th birthday in 1993, Lisa Marie inherited her father’s estate, which, thanks  to the stewardship of her mother, Priscilla, had grown to an estimated $US100 million. Lisa Marie was owner and chairman of the board until 2005, when she sold 85 per cent of the estate’s business holdings, excluding his expansive property Graceland, which she kept. Lisa Marie receives $466,000 a month [$15,500 per day] or [$5.6 million a year] from the trust Elvis set up for her before his death in 1977.  She sold part of the lavish Memphis estate last year for $136m   SALE OF GRACELAND
Lisa Marie Michael Jackson Story  Lisa  Marie  was desperate to protect her fortune after three previous marriages failed. Lisa married Michael Lockwood, in a lavish $340,000 Japanese ceremony January 22, 2006 but insisted on the pre-nuptial agreement in case the union fails… which it did.Until MLockwood not one of her previous three husbands attempted to lay claim to inheritance…  Photos of all Lisa Marie Weddings