Love Letters by Elvis Presley

Love Letters – Until now these love letters have been kept close to Anita’s heart and private due to the sensitive nature of the content. In which Elvis express his feelings in several handwritten love letters to the girl back home while expressing a deep love and his desire to marry her upon his return. Finally, the 2-year separation took it tool on the young couple and was here where their final parting was to be and a new name suddenly entered the headlines Priscilla Beaulieu

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Elvis Love Letters

Love Letters – We all know Elvis’ first official girlfriend was the lovely and vivacious blonde, Anita Wood. Anita had a lot more in common with Elvis. She like Elvis had moved to Memphis as a teenager from a rural area of Tennessee where she was born. Annie (as Elvis sometimes liked to call her) first meeting was set up by a mutual friend as a blind date. Elvis and Anita spent a lot of time together in Memphis before his career really took off. They would usually spend their time at the cinema, and both loved, Libertyland. While dating Elvis, Anita got to know Gladys Presley very well. The two got on famously, probably because of their similar background. Anita would recall that Gladys half expected Elvis to marry her because they were so close and that she just couldn’t wait to see their little children walking up the driveway. This letter by Elvis proposing marriage to girlfriend Anita Wood sold at auction for $14,100.00

 My Dearest Darling “Little” Well here I am. Back out in the field for 30 days again and believe me it’s miserable. There is only one consolation, and that is the fact that it’s almost over, and I will come home to my career, friends, and most of all you my darling. Anita there are many things I can’t tell you over the phone so I will try to tell you now. First of all I don’t really know how you feel about me now because after all 2 years is a long time in a young girl’s life. But I want you to know that in spite of our being apart I have developed a love for you that cannot be equaled or surpassed by anyone. My every thought is you my darling, every song I hear, every sunset reminds me of the happy and wonderful times we’ve spent together. I tell you this because I want you to know my feelings toward you have not changed, but instead has grown stronger that I ever thought it could.

Love Letters

Elvis Love letters

I have hurt you sometimes because I was mad at some of the things you did or I thought you did, but everytime these things happened I thought that maybe you only liked me for what I am, and didn’t really love me for myself. These things happen in life baby, misunderstandings, heartbreaks and lonliness, but the fact remains, if it’s really love Anita , if we really love each other it will last, and these things will be something of the past, although things will come up in the future that will hurt us both. They are to be expected. I have had feelings that in the last few months something has happened as far as you’re concerned, not only because you haven’t written but by the sound of your voice when I talk to you. The warmth and love seems to have dimmed.  It may be my imagination but you seem as though you have something to tell me but yet you’re not sure. I hope I’m wrong. You know after going through what I have in the last 18 months you sometimes wonder if anyone really cares. Please believe me when I tell you it’s you and only you my darling. But I think that you will keep your word, and tell me if you had grown to care for someone else and vice versa. I have been sleeping out on the ground, and I have a fever and tonsillitis again. I am listening to the radio and all the guys are sitting around with sad looks on their faces.

Do you remember when you used to bounce for me and I would laugh so hard? Darling I pray that you haven’t let your loneliness, passions, and desires make you do something that would hurt me. If you have it is better you tell me now. I can’t believe you  have or would. Well we are all counting the days until we come home. The reason I didn’t want you there on the first night because in spite of the fact that I love my friends and relatives, when we first lay eyes on each other we will cling to each other like a vine. So I think some other people might get their feelings hurt.

So please understand honey. You have surprised me at how understanding you are. So darling if you still feel the same and if you love me and me alone we will have a great life together even though you hear things and read things. Just think as you said, everyone knows how I feel about you. I can’t explain to you how I crave you and desire your lips and your body under me darling. I can feel it now. The things we did and the desire we had for each other’s body!!! Remember darling, true love holds its laurels through the ages no matter how loud the clamor of denial. That which deserves to live-lives. Yours alone, EP