Elvis Musicians

Elvis Musicians Elvis band who backed Elvis Presley that are still alive and performing today? And musicians who back Elvis and are no longer with us but left their legacy of great rock n roll music for over 3 decades from the mid 1950s – mid 1970s


Elvis Musician – Bill Black died died 1965

Scotty Moore Elvis Presley

Scotty Moore Died 2016

DJ Fontana died 2018


James Burton, guitarist, still active.

Glen Hardin

Glen Hardin, pianist, still active.

Ronnie Tutt

Ronnie Tutt, drummer, still active.



John Wilkinson, guitarist, died in 2013.

Jerry Scheff

Jerry Scheff, bassist, still active.

Larry Muhoberac, piano, keyboards, died in 2016.

Bob Lanning, drummer, still active.

Emory Gordy Jr., bassist, rhythm guitarist, still active.

Tony Brown, pianist, still active.

Ralph Gallant, drummer, died in 1992.

David Briggs, pianist, keyboardist, still active.



Cissy Houston, The Sweet Inspirations, still active.


Charlie Hodge, guitarist, died in 2006.


J. D. Sumner, The Stamps Quartet, died in 1998.

Myrna Smith, The Sweet Inspirations, died in 2010.

Sylvia Shemwell, The Sweet Inspirations, died in 2010.

heavenly father kathy westmoreland

Kathy Westmoreland, backing vocalist, still active.

Bill Baize, The Stamps Quartet, still active.

Estelle Brown, The Sweet Inspirations, still active.

Ed Enoch, The Stamps Quartet, still active.

Joe Guercio, conductor, died in 2015.