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Vernon Elvis Presley & Gladys Love Smith  Elvis Presley’s Parents Wedding Day Elvis Presley ‘s Parents Wedding June 17, 1933 Presley Blue Moon Museum in Mississippi

Vernon & Gladys Presley Wedding 1933
Vernon and Gladys Presley Wedding Photo

Elvis Presley ‘s Parents Wedding June 17, 1933 the 21-year-old Gladys Love Smith and 17-year-old Vernon Elvis Presley made the long trip to Pontotoc, Mississippi to get a marriage license. They could not get the license in Tupelo because of Vernon’s age. Their friends Marshall & Vona Mae Brown(Vernon’s first cousin) were witness. The Presleys were married by the Verona Justice of the Peace, Robert Emmit Kelly. Gladys & Vernon spent the first few days of their marriage at Marshall Brown’s house in Verona, Mississippi. Julian Riley owns the old Verona Town Hall and is restoring the 140 year old building.

Elvis Vernon and Gladys Presley

 They have opened the building to all Elvis fans who would like to visit where the Presleys were married. Some couples hold hands and re-play their wedding vows at the same place Gladys and Vernon said theirs. Vernon Presley’s first cousin, died in Itawamba County, Mississippi

Basil Presley, (Son of Walter Presley) Vernon Presley’s first cousin, died in Itawamba County, Mississippi at the age of 84 on March 29th 2008.  Walter Presley was born in Itawamba County, Mississippi in December 1880 and was the oldest son of Rosie (Rosella) Presley who was born in Mississippi in 1862.

Jessie D. McClowell Presley, born Itawamba County Mississippi April 1896, was Vernon Presley’s father and Elvis Presley’s grandfather. He was a brother of Walter Presley and the 4th child born to Rosie Presley, Elvis Presley’s paternal Great grandmother. Basil Presley’s sons, James Presley & Jerry Presley are 2nd cousins of Elvis Presley.

    Elvis Museum in Mississippi
  Verona Town Hall where Elvis’ parents were married to be restored

Keith and Chrisy Boswell have been restoring this building for the past 4 months which is located at 202 Main St. Verona, Mississippi. It is first and foremost a working Museum and scheduled to open January 2012. Located only 3 miles south of Elvis birthplace in Tupelo, The Historical Blue Moon museum is  certainly  a must see landmark for all  serious Elvis fans. The building is  where it all began, and  by faithfully recreating the facade and interior to the it historical era

Presley Historical Building
Interior of the Blue Moon Museum
It might be argued that Rock and Roll also had its roots in Verona, Mississippi. Owner, Julian Riley of the Vernon Town Hall, Mississippi plans to restore the site

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