Ringo Starr Meets Elvis

Ringo Starr and Elvis. The day after attending the US premiere Magic Christian in Los Angeles, Ringo Star and his wife Maureen flew to Las Vegas to watch Elvis Presley perform at the International Hotel.

Ringo Starr Elvis Presley

Ringo Starr and wife Maureen meet Elvis ringo starr elvis

This was Elvis’ second run of shows in Vegas at The International 1965.

The main reason for Ringo Starr and his wife Maureen trip was to attend the premiere of  film The Magic Christian at the Four Star Theater on 29 January 1965.

Ringo Starr and the other Beatles had previously met Elvis Presley on 27 August 1965.

Ringo Starr Elvis Telegram

Ringo Starr and his wife Maureen were accompanied at the show by Ken Mansfield, who had formerly been the US manager of Apple Records. After the show, Elvis Presley invited Ringo Starr to his penthouse suite.

“Ringo Starr, who I met during my Capitol tenure and later befriended when the Beatles personally asked me to oversee Apple, called me from London and said Elvis was performing at the International Hotel in Las Vegas.. ” expained Ken Mansfield. “This happened during the last weekend of January 1970, just six months after Elvis’ triumphant return to live performances. By then I had resigned from Apple and joined MGM Records as vice-president….”

“Ringo Starr hadn’t seen Elvis since the Beatles’ historic summit at the singer’s exotic Perugia Way home in Bel Air. Ironically, I had also spent that day with the Beatles at their rented house in the Hollywood Hills. The day ended with them getting ready to go to Elvis’ house.”

Elvis Ringo Starr

Ringo said, ‘If I fly in, can you take care of us and arrange seating arrangements at one of Elvis’ shows?’ Of course, I jumped at the opportunity as I was a serious Elvis fan. I thought, ‘Great, I’m going to get to meet Elvis because I’m going to be with Ringo’.

Long story short, we snuck Ringo Starr in the back of the hotel and into the showroom. Afterwards, Elvis sent for Ringo to visit his penthouse suite, but his people wouldn’t let me go up with him. They (Memphis Mafia) only let Ringo go up. I was really disappointed.