Rita Moreno Elvis Affair

Rita Moreno Used Elvis to Make Marlon Brando Jealous – ita Moreno knew how to make her cheating boyfriend jealous long before the age of social media. The task is simple; just a three-step process. First, date screen legend Marlon Brando. Second, find evidence of his affair (what would be the first of many). Third, get asked on a date by Elvis Presley and accept. While this seems like a page of Old Hollywood fan fiction, this was, in fact, Moreno’s life—as told to Deadline’s Pete Hammond for his video interview series, The Actor’s Side.

Moreno, who described her relationship with Brando as “eight years worth of tumult,” told Hammond that one day she arrived at his home to find a pair of underwear that was clearly not her own. She was devastated and went home in tears. The next day, Moreno’s phone rang. It was Elvis Presley’s manager, Colonel Parker, calling in a distinct Southern drawl. Elvis had seen Moreno at 20th Century Fox and “ ‘liked what he saw,’ ” the manager said. He told Moreno Presley wanted to meet her. “I thought about that lousy underwear, and I said, ‘Yes, I would.’ ” The news spread quickly—with only the aid of the Hollywood rumor mill. Brando heard immediately. Moreno was thrilled.“He was absolutely enraged and livid. He threw chairs . . . it was wonderful,” Moreno said. “Isn’t that hilarious?”

Rita Moreno Elvis Presley


“In your dreams Rita… Elvis is out of your league.. ” Brando


Honey just one more kiss before I go.. Rita is calling….

What a hunka, hunka, hunka lots a lies… Elvis would never have ask his manager Col Tom Parker to set up a date for him… Elvis alway sent his Memphis Mafia Members to do that for him…  Yeah, yeah, yeah, pull the other one Rita..  As you can see Elvis was too busy dating Marilyn Monroe