Elvis Grave – Who is Buried at Graceland?

Grave – Who is buried at Graceland? Is a most asked question? Many believe that there are no bodies buried under all the headstones in the Meditation Garden at Graceland for security reasons. Grave robbers became a threat just months after Elvis death in 1977. Just days after the death of Elvis Presley, there were rumors that a group of men planned to steal his body, and hold it for a ransom of $10-million. Elvis Presley had been buried next to his mother in a mausoleum at Forest Hill Cemetery in Memphis, Tennessee.

Police confronted three men they found hanging around the Presley Mausoleum after dark. Since they had no tools with them, officials let them go. In fear and any further attempt Elvis’ father Vernon got a special permit for the Whitehaven County Court to have the Elvis’s grave, along with his mothers, moved to the Meditation Garden at Graceland. The graves are now monitored by security 24-hours a day. Even with 21st century technology the threat still looms strong. 

Presley Family Graves at Graceland

Daughter Lisa Marie Presley stated in 1999 that she was serious concerned and troubled by the number of tourists who visit the gravesite every day and would like all the graves moved to a private location. This may offer some explanation to why Gladys Love Presley original headstone with the “Star of David” was not interred at the Meditation Garden at Graceland. This looks like proof that Gladys Love Presley was is not buried under her new headstone as well. And possibly why the misspelling of Elvis’ middle name too, because Elvis Presley body is not buried under his headstone. It seems that Elvis Presley, Gladys Presley, Vernon Presley & the rest of the family are indeed all buried in a private location at Graceland or elsewhere.

Meditation Garden Graceland Reconstruction

This photo may offer further evidence that there are indeed no bodies under any of the headstones at Graceland. This photo was taken during the Meditation Garden reconstruction. Note: that there area is only dug to the depth of the headstone… not six feet deep enough to bury a coffin and body. It seems that many of headstone have been moved and added through out the years.Most recently Ben Keough (Lisa Marie’s son) who commited suicide 2020. (see below) In seems that EPE Inc and the Presley family have designed the Meditation Garden at Graceland so that Elvis Aron Presley fans can visit and pay their repects to the most famous singer in the world

Elvis often visited his mother’s grave site located at  Forest Lawn Cemetery in Memphis


Gladys Presley’s orginal headstone and Angels were moved from Forest Lawn Cemetery to Graceland


It seems that both, Elvis or Vernon Presley burial wishes for themselves and their family have been largely and totally ignored. And with the most recent event of charging fans to visit the Meditation Garden at Graceland (when for years it was free walk of rememberance) makes EPE Inc look like grave robbers themselves.

Ben Keough PresleyBenjamin Storm “Presley” Keough Headstone at Graceland was placed behind his grandfather Elvis Presley. NOTE: Ben’s Headstone added the “Presley” name although it did not appear on his birth certificate?